Friday, April 17, 2009

Coming soon

Hello everyone.

I'm pleased that you've found this page, because I'll be using it very soon to return to writing about sports -- and more -- in the coming days and weeks.

Be sure to check back soon because I'm about ready to get rolling.

-- Scott Pitoniak

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David Ruttenberg said...

Hey Scott,

It's great to see your words again. You're a heck of a talent, and I, for one, have missed you.

Even though I reside in South Florida, a venue not known for supporting your beloved Bills, my ties to the University of Miami and fondness for some of our great quarterbacks, have always made it easier for me to root for Buffalo (well...most of the time).

For you, though, I am always a dedicated fan and I'll always be cheering for you. Thanks - in advance - for providing us insightful blogs in the vein that we've grown accustom to enjoying these many years. (BTW, I just finished reading Memories of Yankee Stadium - for the SECOND time...a signed tome I'll always cherish).

Best to you and your beloved bride, cat, and families.

-David Ruttenberg