Saturday, June 6, 2009

Flynn's stock through the roof

Jonny Flynn apparently has been wowing them at the NBA's pre-camp workouts.

Last week, the former Syracuse University point guard soared 40 inches in the vertical-leap testing - best among all players who have taken part in the various camps.

He reportedly has been wowing the scouts with his charismatic personality as well. He's taken charge on the court in scrimmages and has impressed the talent evaluators during hour-long interviews.

The various mock drafts have Flynn going as high as fourth overall to the Sacremento Kings and as low as 10th to the Milwaukee Bucks.

He appears to be a mortal lock to be a lottery pick, underscoring the fact he was wise to leave SU after his sophomore season.


Related trivia note: The Orangemen have had 15 previous first-round picks. Derrick Coleman (1990) is the only SU player to be selected top overall. Dave Bing (1966) was a No. 2 pick, while Carmelo Anthony (2003) and Billy Owens (1991) were No. 3's.


Neither of Flynn's draft-eligible former SU teammates - Eric Devendorf or Paul Harris - show up on anybody's radar screen. They might get an invite to somebody's camp, but their best bets are to play overseas.


Just wanted to take a moment to wish my lovely bride, Beth, a Happy Birthday. It took me more than 50 years to find my true soulmate and true love. It was well worth the wait.


Max said...

I signed on as Jonny's agent last night.
So now I can afford a proper birthday present for Beth.
39 ???

Scott Pitoniak said...


Beth was wondering if you could pay off our mortgage with the 10 percent you'll be receiving as Jonny Flynn's agent.

And 29 might be more like it.