Monday, August 3, 2009

A Happy Anniversary shout-out to a very special lady

I've managed to make a living these past 36 years stringing words together, but, try as I may, I can't find ones to adequately describe the depth of my love for my soul mate, Beth.

From my admittedly biased perspective, Beth is the most kind-hearted, intelligent, beautiful, humble, funny, sensual, compassionate, dignified, grounded person I've ever met.

So what the heck is she doing with me?

Good question.

All I know is that I love her more than life itself.

And always will.

So please indulge me as I wish my Beth a very Happy Anniversary.

I have no idea how to segue from that opening to the wacky world of sports, but I'll try.

I filed stories for The Associated Press today and wound up scrambling once the Bills handed us a press release saying that NFL Commish Roger Goodell had denied Marshawn Lynch's appeal to reduce his three-game suspension for violation of the league's personal conduct policy.

Lynch can't possibly be surprised by the ruling.

I'm shocked he appealed the suspension in the first place.

The Bills running back probably should be happy his misdemeanor gun charge in February coupled with last year's hit-and-run incident didn't result in a longer suspension.

I wish someone would release the entire list of the baseball players who flunked their drug tests. This one name here, one name there stuff is like Chinese water torture.


One more personal note: I'd like to wish my mother-in-law a speedy recovery from a bad fall today. Get well soon, Dot.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the anniversary Beth and Scott. A wonderful couple.
Gary Craig

Mary said...

Scott, Happy Anniversary to you and Beth. I know for sure you are Beth's dream come true as well!

Anonymous said...

Scott, Happy anniversary! Beth is so lucky to have found you. You are sooo right for each other.Cathie