Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mulling over the Bills first win

Some quick observations on the Bills 33-20 victory against Tampa Bay at the Ralph Sunday:
· It was a good bounce-back victory after Monday’s heartbreaking loss in New England. There could have been an emotional letdown, but there wasn’t. And unlike the Patriots game, the Bills didn’t fritter this one away in the fourth quarter. That said, let’s keep things in perspective – the Buccaneers are not a very good football team.
· I think rookie offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt has done a good job of calling plays these first two games, especially considering he wasn’t handed the keys to the offense until just 10 days before the season kicked off. Even more impressive than his play-calling has been the job he’s done restoring Trent Edwards’s confidence. The Bills QB had another solid outing, completing 21-of-31 passes for 230 yards and two scores. Through two games, he’s 36-for-56 for 442 and four touchdowns with one interception.
· Injuries are making a Bills team already thin on talent even thinner. The knee injury to right tackle Brad Butler means Buffalo now has an offensive line featuring no starters who were here last year. They also lost tight ends Derek Schouman and Shawn Nelson to injuries yesterday. I’m surprised they didn’t ask Kent Hull and Pete Metzelaars to come out of retirement after they attended halftime ceremonies honoring the Bills 50th Anniversary team.
· Good to see T.O. get his first touchdown reception, on a 43-yarder, in the fourth quarter. And it was nice to see the reaction of the fans and his teammates. But we media members are getting a little tired of him blowing us off after games. And you fans should be, too. I’m sure people would have liked to have read and heard his take on what it felt like to score his first touchdown as a Bill. If I’m not mistaken, he’s contractually required to speak to the media. I gave him a pass after Monday night’s loss, but there wasn’t any reason for the repeat performance. And I think the fans get cheated if all he’s going to do is give them a Tweet here and a Tweet there.
· If I’m a Bills fan, I’m worried about New Orleans and their point-a-minute attack coming to town this week. Drew Brees is en fuego.
· Just think about it, the Bills are one point away from being 2-0, and the Patriots are one point away from being 0-2. Could be a crazy season.

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