Monday, November 9, 2009

Vick isn't the answer in Buffalo

Tony Dungy is one of the most respected voices in football and obviously has been a mentor to Michael Vick since the quarterback was released from prison earlier this year after serving time for his heinous dog-fighting crimes.

So, when the Super-Bowl-winning-coach-turned-football-analyst says on national television that he thinks Buffalo is a darkhorse for Vick’s QB services, you take his words seriously.

If I’m a Bills fan, I hope like heck that Vick remains a darkhouse and winds up with some other team. (Dungy mentioned Cleveland, St. Louis and Washington as the leading contenders.)
From a purely football standpoint, I wouldn’t take a chance on Vick because I believe he is washed up, and the truth is that although he was a dynamic performer before, he never was a great quarterback.

Yes, Buffalo has a gaping hole at the position, but Vick isn’t the answer. And I believe Bills fans are smart enough not buy into him as a solution to the team’s most pressing problem.

I would, however, welcome Dungy to Buffalo with open arms if he were interested in resuscitating this moribund franchise.


Speaking of QBs, Trent Edwards is now playing for his football future in Buffalo. We’ve seen what Ryan Fitzpatrick can and can’t do, so it’s time for the beleaguered, concussion-prone Edwards to be inserted back into the starting lineup for his final audition.

In the remaining eight games, he needs to finally grab this anemic offense by the facemask and prove that he is a leader. Yes, it’s going to be extremely difficult, given the inexperience of his line.

But he has no choice but to try to rise above these difficulties and elevate his team with him.
He’s not going to have Dick Jauron around next season to be his guardian angel. There will be a new coach and new football people evaluating these films. Captain Checkdown needs to become Captain Playmaker or he may be holding a clipboard next fall.


I was saddened to learn that Brighton resident and Basketball Hall of Famer Al Cervi died this morning at age 92. Cervi was a star guard for the Rochester Royals, who earned the nickname “Digger,’’ because he wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty and play smothering defense. A native of Buffalo, he led the Syracuse Nationals to their only NBA championship in 1955. My condolences to his wife, Ruthie, and their kids. I’ll have some personal reflections about Cervi in an upcoming blog.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that I dont have to rely on you to get Vick. Personally I like that Coaches(ex:Ryan from NY and players)still fear him so respectfully I will take Tony Dungy advice on players' playing ability before any(no offense)writer who has no more credibility than the common fan. He is by far better than any QB that we have on this team and he do know how to win in the cold in the playoffs just ask Brett Farve and the Green Bay Fans. If you are fine with the Status Quo thats on you. I am not, so as a Season Ticket Owner that will be in the stands freezing this winter looking at SUB-PAR play I say give me hope for next season and bring Vick on least he will get the ball forcefully in any weather to his reciever. Whats washed up is every QB ,OC ,Headcoach on the Buffalo Bills.

...... said...

How can you as a bills fan think that Vick will be the answer? And who fears his 3 plays a game where he amasses a whopping 2-3 yards? Yea that's the answer alright. But hey as a non bills fan myself, if you guys want to waste more money on a player past his prime (Did someone say T.O?) by all means go ahead. Cheers to another successfully mediocre 7-9 Anonymous. I am all for giving Vick another shot but in my opinion Buffalo is not the system for him... then again I'm just a fan of the game like you.