Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Nike Syracuse hoops uniforms aren't true to my school

Memo to Nike and to the powers that be at Syracuse University: The official colors of my alma mater are ORANGE and BLUE.

That's ORANGE and BLUE.

Not Georgetown Hoya gray.

Yes, I'm seeing red about the Cuse's decision to allow Nike to do as they pleased when it came to designing these ugly, futuristic basketball uniforms that reportedly will be worn during SU's game against South Florida in the Carrier Dome on Feb. 22.

Unfortunately, this marketing ploy is all about another color: Green, as in the color of the mucho dollar bills Syracuse and eight other programs, including Duke, North Carolina and UConn, will be raking in by selling school tradition down the river.

What's next?

Ohio State wearing Michigan maize and blue? Or Notre Dame donning the maroon and yellow of Southern Cal?

I guess fans at the South Florida game will have to support the Orange by chanting, "Let's Go Gray!" or, more appropriately, "Let's Go Nike!"


Or, in this case, Swoosh!


NFL Commish Roger Goodell received a deserved contract extension and raise that will see him make $11 million a year through 2018. Now could somebody please explain to me why Goodell makes $11 mil for overseeing an ever-expanding $30 billion entity, while his baseball counterpart Bud Selig rakes in $25 mil for overseeing a $16 billion sports league that is treading water.


Beth and I have seen about 80 percent of the Oscar-nominated movies and I firmly believe Leonardo DiCaprio got hosed big-time. His portrayal of former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was superior to that of George Clooney as far as I'm concerned. I admit that Descendents was a better movie than J. Edgar, but DiCaprio shouldn't be punished for that.


You can rip the Yankees for many things, but when it comes to bidding their heroes adieu, nobody does it better. That was a classy sendoff they gave Jorge Posada.


Joe T. said...

You've got to be kidding me with those uniforms!

Maxamillion said...

Could be worse....PINK and LAVENDER with LACE on the trim......but it would be ORANGE lace, of course. You're not upset because NIKE didn't ask you to be the model....ARE YOU? You would have been my choice :)

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