Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do you believe in Magic? Plus my take on Parcells, SU's NBA prospects and the Valentine soap opera in Beantown

• I was happy to see Magic Johnson’s group win the bidding war for the Los Angeles Dodgers because I believe he’s the type of good-will ambassador this once-proud baseball franchise needs in wake of the Frank McCourt mess. Magic is one of the most beloved people in LA and his connections to the community will help mend a lot of fences that have been bulldozed by the previous ownership.
• The $2 billion payout for the Dodgers was surprising until you dig deeper into the deal and realize Magic and Co. were buying a potential media empire in addition to a ballclub. Whether they launch a YES-style regional sports network or decide to offer their broadcasts independently to cable distributors they could realize more than $300 million annually. So, from that perspective, it makes perfect sense, not to mention perfect dollars and cents.
• The latest mock drafts have former Syracuse star guard Dion Waiters going in the late teens, early 20s in the first round of the 2012 draft. Orange center Fab Melo projects as either a late first-round, early second-round pick. And forward Kris Joseph will be either a late second-round pick or be forced to go the undrafted, free-agent route. I believe Waiters has the body and talent to be a solid NBA player for 10 years IF - I repeat - IF he commits himself to working at it. If he doesn’t, then he’ll join a long list of college standouts who flopped once they were shown the money. Melo, an athletic 7-footer, has potential to be an outstanding NBA player, but given his immaturity and poor judgment, you have to wonder if he will realize his tremendous upside. Joseph is a great young man, but I think his future lies in playing overseas.
• Speaking of mock drafts, some NFL draftniks have the Buffalo Bills taking Iowa offensive tackle Riley Reiff in the first round, while others have them tapping Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd. I would rather bolster my O-line. Build with your bigs. That's my philosophy.
• Reports have it that prized SU basketball recruit Nerlens Noel will choose Kentucky over the Orange and Georgetown.
• I think Bill Parcells would be a great interim solution for the New Orleans Saints, who despite the stain of Bounty-gate have enough talent to win a Super Bowl. And should they achieve that goal that would give Parcells a third Lombardi Trophy and perhaps finally convince those knuckleheads who have kept him out of the Pro Football Hall of Fame to change their minds.
• Is anyone really surprised that the Boston Red Sox might be facing a soap opera of a season with the caustic Bobby Valentine at the helm?
• The Knicks are 8-1 since Mike Woodson replaced Mike D’Antoni. So maybe Carmelo Anthony knew something we didn't.
* Speaking of hot sports teams, it's great to see the Buffalo Sabres finally playing as advertised. I just worry though about the toll of having to play playoff games during the regular season in a last-ditch attempt to make the post-season.

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