Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A little of this and that

About a dozen years ago, long-time colleague, Leo Roth, and I did a series of stories that looked at the quality of life of NFL players after their careers were through. It was titled "What Price Glory?'' and it was not a pretty picture as the majority of the more than 100 former players we interviewed struggled with serious physical, emotional and financial problems.

The San Diego Union recently did a similar series and the findings were even more disheartening. About 78 percent of former NFL players are bankrupt, unemployed or divorced within two years of leaving the game.

That is why I've always been a big supporter of Joe DeLamielleure, Mike Ditka and other former players who have made this an issue with the current players' union and the past two NFL commissioners.

Clearly, more programs are needed to prepare these athletes - too many of whom have been coddled throughout their lives - to deal with life after the cheering stops.


The Bills announced that three games already have sold out for the 2010 season and that season-ticket sales are at 52,000 - a milestone not reached since their Super Bowl run. Certainly the fact ticket buyers only have to purchase seven regular-season games rather than eight because of the Toronto arrangement has had an effect. But it's still awfully impressive, considering this team hasn't made it to the playoffs in almost a decade.


Is it just me, or does it seem like the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry isn't as intense as it once was? I wonder if they now play too many times during the regular season. That said, I still have more interest in watching it than the NBA or NHL finals, which so far have been duds.


According to my Olympic insiders, Chicago has emerged as the leading candidate to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, holding a slight edge over Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo. Apparently Barack Obama's more respected standing in the world has much to do with it. Obama, a Chicagoan before taking up residence in that mansion on Pennsylvania Avenue, has worked with the Windy City Olympic organizers to bring the Games to the Land of Lincoln.


Don't think for a minute, that Jerry Jones wasn't seriously considering re-signing Pacman Jones. It was only after he received public backlash did he deny the lead balloon he had floated.


My thoughts and prayers are with my former boss, Tom Batzold, who is dealing with a serious health issue.


donniesyracuse said...

I wish MLB didn't waste Yankee/Sox series in April and early May. After this week, these teams won't meet again until August.

By the way, would you like to retract your comments about the Yankees' lack of heart and grit?

Scott Pitoniak said...


I agree wholeheartedly about the scheduling. Why not play some of these games in June and July?

As far as retracting my comments about the Yanks' grit, etc., first off, let me say that I've been a Yankees fan since 1961, though I'm not as rabid as I once was. This team clearly has been playing with a lot more heart, as evidenced by all their late-inning, come-from-behind wins. I like the heart I've seen from guys like Swisher and Texiera.

But they still have to show me they can beat Boston, and they still have to show me in October.

Thanks for your comments and for visiting the site. I always enjoy debate and dissenting opinion.

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