Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some advice for the Bills, Heisman trustees, Bud Selig & SU gridders

Some things I'd like to see this Sunday from the Buffalo Bills, who have been installed as double-digit underdogs against the Packers at Lambeau Field:
* A commitment to the run game. A total of just 17 carries against Miami last week isn't going to cut it. I'm still trying to figure out why Chan Gailey decided to open with three straight pass plays when he knows the strength of this team is its trio of running backs.
* Along those same lines, many more touches for Fred Jackson, especially now that he has his cast off. He carried just four times for 19 yards and caught two passes for zero yards.
* Some more downfield throws by Trent Edwards. Yes, I know he was under duress much of the afternoon because of the Dolphins penetrating pass rush and the Bills poor pass protection, but you have to take more long shots if you want to stop defenses from ganging up against the run and hit an occasional home run.
* Some takeaways by Buffalo's defense. The Bills did a good job of bottling up the Dolphins, but they didn't induce any turnovers, which was their forte last year.
* A better job of play-calling by Gailey.
* A more relaxed C.J. Spiller.
* Replacement of Edwards with either Ryan Fitzpatrick or Brian Brohm if Trent continues playing like last week.

The thing is that even if each of the aforementioned desires are answered, the Bills still probably aren't going to win against Aaron Rodgers and Co. Call it the Packers, 31-16.


Hate to say it, but as a nearly five-decade follower of the Yankees, I think age is finally catching up to the Bronx Bombers. Derek Jeter is struggling through the worst year of his career, as are A-Rod and Jorge Posada. The only one of the core four who's managed to out-fox Father Time is Mariano Rivera. The Yankees need Andy Pettitte back in top form in the worst way in order to stabilize their shaky rotation. At this juncture, I think the Phillies are the favorties to win the World Series. I wouldn't want to face their top three pitchers in a seven-game series.


I like Mike Scioscia's idea of shortening the major league baseball schedule. Either reduce it to 154 games or re-institute scheduled doubleheaders so the season doesn't begin in March and end in November. I know some purists would grumble if the sked was reduced to 154 or 144 games because of the sanctity of baseball's numbers. Well, the integrity of the numbers has been ruined by a generation of steroid usage, so who cares any more?


I'm glad that Reggie Bush was shamed into giving back his Heisman Trophy, but why not award the trophy to the player who finished second to him that year - Vince Young.


If I'm a Jets fan I'm very, very concerned about my quarterback, Mark Sanchez. I know he was going against a hellacious Ravens defense the other night, but he looked about as uncertain as Trent Edwards out there.


Syracuse can't afford to take its next two opponents - Maine and Colgate - lightly just because they play in a division a level below the BCS. Just ask Virginia Tech and Mississippi, who were upset by teams in the division formerly known as I-AA.

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Anonymous said...

After seeing the game, I would add to your third bullet point, "especially if it is the last offensive play your team will have in the game, and particularly if your only other option is to run out of bounds on 4th down short of the first down marker."