Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hey folks, here's what I've been up to

Hello Everybody:

                Just wanted to thank you for the support you’ve shown my blog in recent years and update you on where I’ve been.

                To quote a late friend who paraphrased an old saying by Vince Lombardi: “I’ve been scribing to daylight.”

                And I’d be most appreciative if you checked out my writing at the following places, either online or in print.

                In September, I began writing a sports column for the Rochester Business Journal, and although RBJ deals primarily with local and national business topics, I’ve had free reign to write about a variety of subjects from the world of sports – everything from catching up with a young man who spent the summer as the Yankees bat boy to the angst of being a Bills fan. So, please give me a read there, if you will. New columns are posted every Thursday afternoon for free at Just go to that site, then scroll down to the icon at the bottom of the page featuring my smiling face.

                You also can read my weekly views on Buffalo Bills games at WROC TV-8’s website: I also do a two-minute, on-air recap on their 11 p.m. newscast. (Yes, I know, they let anybody on television these days, even an ink-stained wretch like me. ;-)

                Since July, I’ve been working as the AFC East correspondent for USA Today SportsWeekly. I provide news and notes and predictions on the division’s four teams, including the aforementioned Bills.

                I also continue to be a regular contributor to the Baseball Hall of Fame’s bimonthly magazine, “Memories and Dreams.” That’s a true labor of love for this baseball historian.

                I’m currently working on two more books scheduled for publication next fall. They will up the total number of books I’ve contributed to as a writer, editor or both to 25.

                Additionally, I continue to freelance for other publications, websites, etc. and volunteer for a number of organizations, including the Rochester Press-Radio Club Children’s Charities, Camp Good Days and Special Times, the Syracuse University Alumni Club of Rochester and the Rochester Baseball Historical Society.

                And my favorite pastime remains being a husband, father and brand-new grandfather.

                So, again, thanks for visiting my blog, and please check out my story-telling at the above venues or in your local bookstore or library.

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