Friday, May 1, 2009


Hello everybody. Just wanted to thank all of you for helping me launch this blog. Please keep spreading the news. You know the routine with these blogs. It's all about traffic, traffic, traffic.

Many of you were kind enough to respond to previous blogs either via e-mail or Facebook, and I'm going to post a few of those today. We've worked out the kinks so you can now comment every time I post a new blog. All, you have to do is click on the blue word "comment'' at the bottom of the blog, and you should be able to post a response.

I'd love to hear from you and get a dialogue going. Feel free to disagree - just try to keep it clean or we'll have to hit the delete key. And feel free to suggest topics you'd like to see me write about.

Also, please sign up for e-mail updates. It's really easy to do. Just go to the area on the right hand side and punch in your e-mail. You'll receive an inquiry asking if you indeed want to subscribe and hit "yes'' and you'll be notified with each update.

Again, my heartfelt thanks, and please keep spreading the word. The more, the merrier.

Scott P.

My column about the old and new Yankee Stadium resulted in some passionate responses:

"Hey Scott! I think it's kind of like the difference between TGI Fridays and a local watering hole. Friday's has all the right stuff in the right places. It's put there on purpose to make it feel like a local watering hole only as hard as they try it never feels right.
It's bad enough that they have all those empty seats at field level, but they really lost me when they pimped the luxury butcher shop."
- John Spaulding

Well said, John. Of course, the Yankee fielders occasionally remind me of butchers. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

"Great blog, Scott. You've confirmed the very mixed feelings I have about the new stadium. I imagine I'll get there eventually, but I'm not in any rush."
- Les Kernan

Les, it's still worth a visit. I just advise you start saving for it now.

"Great article. You have me wondering if I really want to go there. I miss reading you in the paper.''
- Fred Giovinazzo

Thanks Fred. I miss writing for the paper, but they deemed me expendable.

"I pray every day they never tear down Fenway.''
- John Overlan

Me, too. It's strange, but the Red Sox considered a sacriligeous move out of the Fens a few years ago, but, unlike Yankee management, cooler and more intelligent heads prevailed, and the Green Monster endures. It still irks me that the politicians and historical preservationists allowed The House That Ruth Built to be targetted for dismantling.


Joe Territo said...

I would really like to read some of your past articles again like your Father's Day piece from last year and your vintage base ball article - to mention a couple. Will you be posting some of your classics?
I'm so happy you're back!
Joe Territo

donniesyracuse said...

Hi Scott,

I'm glad to see you got the comments going. You are probably going to regret it.

Keep up the good work.