Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bills should make play for McNabb

Now that Andy Reid has officially put Donovan McNabb on the trading block, I'd take a very serious look at him if I'm the Bills.

The Philadelphia Eagles reportedly want a first-round pick in exchange for McNabb, and as much as I like the former Syracuse star, I think parting with a No. 9 overall pick for a 33-year-old quarterback is a little steep.

Instead, I'd propose a package deal - say, this year's first-rounder and a conditional 2011 pick based on McNabb's performance this season in exchange for McNabb and Philly's first-rounder (24th overall this year).

This would allow the Bills to solve their quarterback problem for several years and still be able to pick up a left offensive tackle or a defensive lineman or linebacker with the lower first-round pick.

As I've stated previously, I don't think this is totally similar to the Drew Bledsoe trade last decade. Bledsoe had little left his tank and was coming off a serious injury and a season in which he had lost his job to New England Patriots superstar Tom Brady. McNabb's performance last year and in the previous seasons indicate a quarterback still near the top of his game.

He also would give the Bills something to market, which they don't have right now.

Critics will claim that this would set back the Bills rebuilding program, to which I say - "The hell with rebuilding. This is a win-now league and Buffalo's been in a freaking rebuilding mode for a decade.'' McNabb would help them become a winner a lot sooner. And, in next year's draft, you could look for your quarterback of the future and not have to force him into action right away.

* PERSONAL MEANDERINGS: Attended my friend Tom Hildebrandt's 60th birthday party/roast Saturday night, and if that's what awaits me on my 60th, I think I might sneak out of the country for a few days to avoid being torched . . . Birthday greetings today to Patti Aman and Dave "Smitty'' Smith, and tomorrow to my Bills Bro John DiTullio.

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