Thursday, April 1, 2010

My kinda, sort of farewell blog

I won't lie to you. It's been a financial and emotional struggle since I left the newspaper business 15 months ago after a 35-year career as an ink-stained wretch.

There have been some triumphs - three books written that will be published this year with a fourth on the way next year - and a lot of deadends while trying to reinvent myself. There were times when my lovely bride, Beth, and I wondered if we would be able to keep our home.

But I've always been an eternal optimist and I felt if we kept plugging away that everything would work out.

Well, after many ups and downs, our ship has finally arrived and, fortunately, we weren't at the airport when it did.

I have landed a job as the new director of publications for the New York Yankees and Beth is going to start her own pet-sitting business in the Big Apple. I will be in charge of putting out the Yankees media guide and yearbook and coordinating their annual Oldtimers Day. Beth, meanwhile, will be spending plenty of time pampering the cats and dogs of the rich and famous.

The only sad part about this scenario is that we will have to leave behind family and friends and a community that has been so special to us.

But NYC is just a 5-hour car ride and 45-minute flight away, so we'll be back often.

I want to take this time to thank you readers for your wonderful support of my blog since we launched it roughly a year ago. And Beth wants to thank the legion of listeners who tuned into her morning show with Chet Walker these past 20 years. We're going to miss you.

If you are ever in the Big Apple, please look us up. You can find me at the Big Ballpark in the Bronx and Beth walking a gaggle of dogs along the streets of Manhattan.

Until we meet again . . . HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY.


Frank Bilovsky said...

Costanza wouldn't give up the job, eh!

Bonnie Garner said...

You got me, dog. I was with you all the way, planning on visiting you in NYC and hounding you for tickets. But NOOOOOO. You're still around. (And I'm GLAD!)

Joe T said...

YOU *#^$*@ ! You got me hook line and sinker.

thadbrown7 said...

Scott... not that there was ever a doubt you'd land on your feet, but.. damn that's a nice little gig. Enjoy it.
We'll miss you and I'm certain we and I will see you again. Good luck